Past Exhibition

Three Wise Men To The Tree Of Celebration - Journey Of A Breath

"December 12 - January 12, 2016"

The exhibition has 45 works on display depicting the story of Jesus in Parameshwar’s lucid, pictorial calligraphy style. Mythologies and narratives play a pivotal role in Parameshwar’s works. Not just as a point of reference but as an engagement to excavate forms from within. Moving away from the confines of basic calligraphy, Parameshwar combines his sense of liberation with calligraphy delivering an idea embedded in the visual. And the form of a unique expression in narrating complex episodes in his simple minimalist visualizations ensues. Parameshwar’s work imbibes a sense of presence that enables his viewers to be familiar with events and happenings from the past.

Paintings of Jesus Christ and his life is found from the earliest period of Christianity. Over a period of time the narrative has been re imagined through stylistic genres.


Into the Heart of India

"January 5 - March 27, 2020",

New Delhi