Past Exhibition

40 Works of Hemant Rao

"August 1 - September 3, 2013"

Each work of Hemant Rao has an emotive presence of its own. The elements and forms from Nature get transformed in to his paintings, with intensity, and appear to us in enchanting images. These images in turn, carry all the sensitive, perceptive nuances, related to a visual, as well as emotional experience; to be decoded by us, time and again. A bud, a flower, a leaf, a butterfly, or a bird, thus has a blossoming and a flight here, which is wondrous, and connects best to a dreamlike-state. Hemant does his works mostly in small formats, in mixed media, where his use of pastel especially shows through in soft, soothing, serene hues to create a vibrant ambience, and becomes sublime to the core.


Into the Heart of India

"January 5 - March 27, 2020",

New Delhi