Past Exhibition

Fractals to Phases

"July 21 - August 23, 2012"

Imagine pieces of fine memory woven together in intricate pattern of colorful textures creating a tapestry of intricate thought. Like the building blocks of life we can't completely see. Something entrenched indelibly in the mind. Something that needs to come out. Something like shards of glass getting glued together by the power of will.
Fractals of life finally completes the mystery once unseen by us. The time taken for each mind altering assembly of thought. Emotions that come through each phase of life, the lessons learnt and knowledge gained are expressed through each of the works. Each painting is a construction of parts of life blending together to make a wonderful picture, to remind us of what was and what is and what can become...


Into the Heart of India

"January 5 - March 27, 2020",

New Delhi