Past Exhibition

Rasas of Indian Art

"November 30 - January 3, 2020"

A collaborative exhibition of Modern Indian Masters and eminent contemporary artists on the Indian aesthetic theory of "Rasas", interpreted through their works.

‘Rasas of Indian Art’ is an initiative to showcase how the Indian aesthetic theory of ‘Rasas’ can be interpreted and analysed in the works of the great master Indian artist. Rasa, (Sanskrit: “essence,” “taste,” or “flavour,” literally “sap” or “juice”) is an Indian concept of aesthetic flavour, an essential element of any work of visual art that can only be suggested, not described. The theory of ‘Rasas’ has inspired numerous Indian artist and most works can be categorised into different Rasas. These rasas comprise the components of aesthetic experience which shall be on display in each and every artwork in the exhibition.

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Into the Heart of India

"January 5 - March 27, 2020",

New Delhi