About us

Art Spice gallery is devoted to promoting contemporary visual arts.We understand that India now enjoys the world's attention as the emerging destination for art, and thus, we provide a world-class environment to showcase the very best of Indian and International art. Our aim is to provide the artists with an international platform, reaching out to a wider audience and supporting the cause of Indian arts global positioning and status.                                      

We make the arts accessible to potential patrons of visual arts in a five star ambience and comfort, in our hotel. The moving clientele and regular guests are devoted patrons of the gallery.  At  Art Spice, we hope to play the role of a catalyst to help build interest and generate understanding of art amongst a wider audience from both within India and overseas.                                    

The philosophy of Art Spice is to facilitate systematic, long-term support and cooperation between established contemporary artists and international galleries through the medium of such shows that both unify and liberate the visual arts.