Sarla Chandra


Born in 1944, did her post graduation in Entomology from St. Johns College, Agra. Her paintings are personal expression of her love for Indian Culture and Mythology. She has experimented with different medium - oil, water colours, metal embossing, parchment/ barks of the tree and silver and gold foil. She has traveled extensively to Europe, USA, Far East and the Middle East. Oriented towards philosophy, her paintings incline towards mythical subjects. Rightly hailed as a thinking, bold and experimental artist, she has held more than 45 Solo Exhibitions in India and abroad. Her group shows include Harmony Shows, India With Art in London and Washington DC, and other exhibitions at the International Centre, New York; The World Bank, Washington DC; Vedic Heritage, New York; The Art Gallery, London and Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Her recent visit to Thailand has significantly influenced her art toward Buddhist philosophy of life. In her words, "I am engaged in a continuing search not only of self but the root of creation in its cosmic manifestation".

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