Nihariekka Lohia


Nihariekka Lohia was born in January 1987 in the city of Mumbai. She was a fashion student who specialised in fashion illustration.

Ever since her early years she has been inclined towards the inert nature of human behavior and tries to even look at her own life as a spectator. Her work clearly illustrates the human struggle with oneself, overcoming the demons of the mind.

While viewing the works the focus is on the energy felt and emotion that goes through the mind mixed with a little bit of the psychedelic. Her paintings are based on illusions and dreams that try to stimulate the viewers mind into looking at life differently. The graphic colors and strokes also try to express a missive of freedom and power of will.

Deriving inspiration from everyday life she finds liberty to paint freely with everyday objects apart from the paintbrush and her hands. She mainly uses acrylics on canvas and inks and has also experimented with neon paints. There is no best term to describe her work as it is a mixture of both expressionism and surrealism derived from the same plant of emotion.

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