Gogi Saroj Pal


Born in 1945 in the small town of Neoli in Uttar Pradesh, Gogi was educated at the College of Art in Vanasthali, Rajasthan as well as the College of Art in Lucknow. Her creative outpourings are a result of a search for cultural identity and a reference point to the times we live in. Gogi’s paintings are a mirror held up to society, showing the disparity in relationships between the sexes and are designed to exhibit the vicissitudes of a woman’s life. Gogi wants to leave behind her a legacy of images that are an accurate reflection of our lives and the issues that affect humanity. “I want to evolve and leave behind, creative visual symbols, icons, as references of our times, to bridge the gaps in continuity of our cultural identity, for use in the concerns & epics of our times,” explains Gogi. Keen observations of the world around her and an intensive search of her soul provides Gogi with material to transform into paintings of detailed visual impressions.

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