Dr. Ho Kah Leong


Dr. Ho Kah Leong - Born in 1937 in Singapore

Art Education: 1955-56 Nang Yang Academy of Fine Arts


1954 Primary: Sin Sheng School

1959 Secondary: Chung Cheng High School

1963 Tertiary: Nanyang University


1964-1975 High School Teacher

1966         Elected as a Member of Parliament

1975-1981 General Manager, Educational Publications Bureau

1981-1984 Parliamentary Secretary

1984-1997 Senior Parliamentary Secretary

1996         Stpped down as a Member of Parliment

1997-2003 Peincipal, Nanyang Academy

2005-date Senior Consultant, Pioneers & Leaders (Publishers) Pte Ltd

Solo Exhibition:

1990-2002 Held 14 solo exhibitions at home & abroad

Publications of Art Album

1995 "A Passion for Painting"

1996 "Beautiful Lion City"

2000 "Idyllic Nanyang"

2002 "Beauty of Nature"


2000- Awarded Perruvian Cultural Medal

         Honorary Doctorate

2001- Conferred Honorary Doctorate by Wisconsin International University, USA


Works collected by public and prevate organsations at home & abroad

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