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These Amazing Art Illusions Prove Paper Can Be Anything But Basic

Yulia Brodskaya manages to turn paper into fantastical, illusionary artworks that come to life. Her expertise is using glue and bent strips of colorful paper in a technique known as "quilling." However, she has managed to take it to another level.
This material limitation turned out to be a strength for her: there is the potential to contain thoughts and ideas in unique ways so that the medium can become a significant part of the message. Thus, after working with paper quilling for over three years, she was at a point where she doesn't feel constrained by the technical challenges of the medium; Her eagerness to keep experimenting, and according to her this piece is just a beginning.
Brodskaya has experimented with tropical fish and Candy Crush themes. Right now, she's particularly interested in capturing elderly people in her artworks.