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Artists Invade Deserted Sao Paulo Hospital

A crumbling neoclassical structure has new life. Once a thriving institution in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, the long-neglected rooms, hallways, and gardens of the old Umberto Primo Hospital, known as Hospital Matarazzo, have been overtaken with a cheerier purpose. “Made by Brazilians…Creative Invasion,” an exhibition of work by both local and international artists that opens today, aims to bring life back to the old hospital, an historic site that ushered in the births of a half-million “Paulistas” (as people from São Paulo are known).

Curated by Marc Pottier, the show brings together 50 Brazilian artists and 50 international artists in a celebration of the revitalization of the space as a cultural center and a piece of São Paulo’s heritage. The exhibition also includes special projects curated by Nadja Romain, Simon Watson, Gabriela Maciel, Andre Sheik, the “Invisible Museum,” Pascal Pique, Baixo Ribeiro, and the 3rd Bahia Biennale.