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Ceramics good enough to eat: Anna Barlow's ice-cream sculptures have art-lovers salivating

These hand-crafted gluttonous goodies are not for human consumption

Fascinated by the rituals of food, her sculptures capture passing moments of dessert-induced happiness. But Barlow's work should come with a warning – these shiny porcelain cherries and glazed wafers are not safe to eat. Her colourful ceramics may scream fun, but long periods of experimentation are required. "It took about 8 years of research to come up with the right techniques and colours," Barlow says. "I use a scoop for the earthenware clay, as you would with real ice-cream, then the 'cream’ is piped on and the hand-modelled extras are added." These sculptures are realistic enough to make viewers salivate, but creating them is a precarious business. "Some pieces I must have made up to four times," she says. "There’s definitely some hoping for the best involved – I often have to watch my work crumble!"