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Stunning Sculptures Carved From Books Predict The Death Of Literature

Sculpting a lifelike image out of clay or stone sounds like so great a challenge we can barely grasp it. But rendering such a likeness from a pile of recycled books? That's taking the challenge to a whole new, and quite literary, level.

The gifted book sculptor eschews clay in favor of more unorthodox materials such as telephone books, magazines and other used paperbacks. Chen transforms these recycled books from sites of information into purely physical entities, their words and messages becoming irrelevant in comparison to their soft pages and gentle texture. Chen's enchanting sculptures, which from afar look to be made of stone or wood, require a second, third or perhaps fourth look before truly revealing themselves. With each book creation, Chen acknowledges the wastefulness of contemporary western society as well as the looming omnipotence of the digital age. One day, Chen's busts seem to predict, technology will make paper books as obsolete as the ancient busts they imitate.