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Doel: the ghost town that's a paradise for graffiti artists

It's a surreal place, strewn with hundreds of abandoned buildings, including schools, petrol stations and a now-silent town hall, and the constant hum of high-voltage power lines intensifies the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Some houses still have furniture and toys lying around in rooms and gardens.

As Mayo writes in her book of photos of the village:" Doel feels like Chernobyl without the accident." Of all the street art adorning Doel's abandoned walls, it is the internationally famous Belgian muralist ROA's haunting oversized rat, crow, headless boar and upside-down rabbit that have become the village's most memorable. But other well-known street artists from Belgium, Holland and France have also left a trail of weird and wonderful cartoon-like figures – a moody mural of Barack Obama as the Joker by Amsterdam's Ives. One and some robot aliens by the Brussels-based artist Resto are notable examples.