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Artist Creates Artwork with a Palette of Tea and Alcohol

Liverpool-based artist Carne Griffiths turns drinking fluids into paint for his new artworks. 

Using tea, vodka, brandy, whiskey and other alcohols as ink, Griffiths enjoys experimenting with various liquids. 

“I liked the effect this had on the inks I was using but decided [on] an alternative that wasn’t such a wasteful crime [and] would be a better option, so I started experimenting with different types of tea.” 

The combination of ink and tea has allowed Griffiths to create repeating layers where he could partially wash out various types of tea and make new drawings from what appeared beneath. 

The idea of fluids for colors has given Griffiths a rather unique palette of colors—he said, “I can introduce vibrant colors but the tea does the job of mixing…to create a balance in the work.” 

“There is something about the whole process of brewing the tea and working with a color that becomes more intense or darker in tone as the work progresses.”