Past Exhibition

Sacred is the Passion of Sacred Integrity

"April 27 - June 9, 2013"


The retrospective exhibition titled : "Sacred is the Passion  of Sacred Integrity" –  brings together the knowledge of significant forms and iconographic symbols, expressed by Parameshwar Raju in his calligraphic flourish. This exhibition showcases a wide range of works in calligraphy ink on archival paper from his series of the Shiva – ‘The fragrant one who makes us grow’, The Ramayanam, Lores of the living God - with reference to narratives from the Jagannath Temple of Puri, significant images of the Surya and Krishna Leela from the Bhagvatam. 

Born in 1961, Parameshwar hails from Vizianagaram. The artist, in his style; calligraphy, engages with a distinguished form of expression that traverses both traditional and contemporary terrains.  His images are offspring’s of an epistemology discernment and the minimalist’s aesthetic, ensuing from his personalised research of iconography, signs, and symbols, inherent in the Indian ceremonial culture, mythology and Temple embellishments. While his works reveal an intrinsic simplicity and rhythmic flow, the use of the nib and to make the ink flow                                                                                                                 from it, in accordance with his necessity, is rigorously rehearsed by Parameshwar.


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