Past Exhibition

Urban(e) Paradox

"February 23 - April 3, 2012"


I have seen many a city where boulders of concrete and towers of steel come to life in the guise of buildings, monuments and other manmade structures, defying gravity and vying for space in the looming skyline. I believe that these “building-blocks” have not just seen history being made, but also repeat it. Some structures have stood the test of time and within their confines is locked away the hopes, secrets and aspirations of humanity, at times bumbling, at others, vivacious. As you roam the myriad streets, where both paint peels off the walls and the sun shines, resplendently, in some glass-window, the colours of life come to (the) fore. You see a smile basking in one corner, a sigh tucked away in some nook or cranny or even hear the echo of laughter, ringing true and long, like wave after wave on some distant shore. And then, the sea of humanity descends upon you. Nameless faces and meaningless names. They are all so different, yet, bound by a common “brush”. You find yourself mirrored in this body of water and oil and as you try and touch this multitude, the ripples of life gently swim across the canvas, touching a colour here, giving shape to another image there; drowning a shadow or casting a light hitherto never seen before. The images call out to you, almost as if you are known. Every stroke of the brush seems to define both the unfailing spirit, and the mortality, of human existence. Strangely, you need not strive to find yourself here, for, truly, the spirit of “being” reflects in this vivid artwork, each painting a skyscraper unto itself. It humbles me to present before you the caravan of Urban (e) Paradox – the inaugural exhibition of Art Spice Gallery – where every canvas is the celebration of colour and life.



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